Looking back to look forward (part 1)


I wanted to kick things off with a look back at what has happened at The Dhole’s House in 2019 (compared to 2018), part 1. Then move on and take a peek at what I’m hoping to develop and introduce in the year to come. It’s fair to say that when I first started on creating The Dhole’s House I had no idea of how popular it would become.


Back in the 90’s I, like many Call of Cthulhu players, was using the excellent Windows program Byakhee by David Harvey to create Investigators and print out their character sheets. You could even create and update rulepacks for the program to introduce new skills and keep things up to date.

Byakhee Character Generator

That was the inspiration for The Dhole’s House but making it accessible to anyone (as long as they had access to the internet). One of the first things that I cobbled together was a version of the calling card creator, a simple way to create an in game prop. Then followed a module that allowed for the creation of an Investigator conforming to the 6th edition rules which culminated in producing a PDF character sheet that could be used in play, this was back in late 2015.

I then got talking to Mike Mason at Chaosium about obtaining their agreement to releasing this to the unsuspecting, but fully deserving, public. Mike was great, extremely supportive and offering advice. There was only one sticking point, Call of Cthulhu 7th edition was really gaining traction and Chaosium would rather the site focussed on those, the latest edition, rules. So I then went about creating the Investigator creator following the 7th edition (best edition of Call of Cthulhu, in my opinion) this took some time and the site was finally released in October/November 2016.

After that it seemed a constant blur of development work, fixing bugs and adding support for different eras of the game.

That’s enough history, on to part 2.

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